The William Glasser Institute

The William Glasser Institute-Kuwait is a Not for Profit organization, committed to working in a Not for Profit capacity and culture, and dedicated to promote, teach and disseminate Choice Theory ideas and understanding throughout the Gulf area.

Our Vision is to lead, promote and disseminate the ideas of Choice Theory and its applications in the Middle East area as an effective, empowered, social responsible and practical approach that can help people lead better, productive and satisfying lives.

We strive to behave with integrity, transparency, congruency, collaboration, respect, caring and supporting creativity and growth, and inclusiveness throughout our organisation. WGI-Kuwait is working in conjunction with the William Glasser International, and is fostering relationships with other Reality Therapy and Choice Theory organisations in Europe and Globally.

We have been sharing the ideas of Reality Therapy and Choice theory for the last 25 years, and have had 25 people who have completed the Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Certification programme (CTRTC).


We currently have 3 Instructors and 5 supervisors who are endorsed by William Glasser International

In recent years we have had mentoring and training support from Faculty in United Kingdom


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