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Reality Therapy is principally a method of counselling, based on Choice Theory, that is highly focused, interactive and applicable to almost every area where counselling or psychotherapy is practiced. Additionally, the practical skills, ideas and approaches of Reality Therapy have also been successfully applied to many other areas, including teaching, coaching, mentoring, managing, supervising, relationships and self development (most notably in the areas of stress management, anger management and self esteem programmes).

The core of Reality Therapy is the idea that regardless of what has 'happened' to us, what we may have done, or how our needs may have been unmet or violated in the past, to be happy and effective we must live and plan in the present. It enables people to clarify how they can best fulfil their needs; to evaluate their own behaviours and make more effective and need satisfying choices, both now and in the future and, importantly, without infringing the needs of others.

Due to the emphasis of "Choice Theory in the practice of Reality Therapy" and how the ideas / concepts are so readily absorbed by clients, the teaching of 'Choice Theory' to the clients is now regarded as an essential part of Reality Therapy. Thus, clients are helped to meet their needs more effectively.

The practice of Reality Therapy is an ongoing process consisting of two major components -

1. Creating a trusting environment / relationship

2. Using procedures and techniques that enable the person / client to create positive change. These involve teaching Dr Glasser's Choice Theory model, as well as practicing his ideas of his Reality Therapy process.  We use the system WDEP(developed by Dr Robert E Wubbolding), as a means of delivering the processes of Reality Therapy. This has proven to be not only an excellent 'teaching tool' but also something that can be taught to clients as an aid to self-development as well as personal problem solving.

Those interested in developing skills in Reality Therapy are recommended to consider participating in one of our workshops


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