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Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certification

The Reality Therapy Certification training programme (CTRTC) adheres to the guidelines, policies and procedures as laid down by  'William Glasser International',  and is administrated and coordinated in the Kuwait by The William Glasser Institute - Kuwait.

The 18 month (minumum) programme of study known as the 'Certification Programme' is designed to be accessible and flexible so that the participants can proceed through the training at their own pace. The training is structured in a five-part, sequential programme, as follows:

1. Basic Intensive Workshop
2. Basic Practicum
3. Advanced Intensive Workshop
4. Advanced Practicum
5. Certification Week

The above stages are summarised below:

• Basic Intensive Workshop - usually 4 1/2 days, consisting of lecture, discussion, video, role play, demonstrations, skills practice and experiential exercises. This is conducted by a qualified Basic Workshop Instructor.- completion of this workshop does not mean that participants are committed to going on to the next stage, and this basic intensive workshop is suitable as a 'stand alone' workshop.

The Basic Intensive workshop is a prerequisit for the following continuing stages.

• Basic Practicum - between 30 and 60 hours, with evening and / or weekend meetings / sessions (dependant upon location). Consists of study-group meetings, role-play practice, experiential activities, casework, skills practice and various study assignments. The practicum is supervised and facilitated by a qualified Basic Practicum Supervisor / Facilitator.

• Advanced Intensive Workshop - again, usually  4 1/2 days. Participants have the opportunity to study the Choice Theory and Reality Therapy concepts in much greater depth. More time is given to the practice of the skills and processing of role-plays. The workshop is supervised and facilitated by a qualified Advanced Workshop Instructor.

• Advanced Practicum - between 30 and 60 hours and, again, organised weekend and / or evening sessions. This practicum phase prepares the participant for the Certification Week, concentrating on more intensive practice of the skills and deeper understanding of the theory and it's wide applications. Again this is done via small group meetings; evening and / or weekends. The practicum is conducted by a qualified Advanced Practicum Supervisor / Facilitator, whose additional task is to help the participant self-evaluate their 'readiness' to participate in the Certification Week.

• Certification Week - consists of a minimum of 32 hours, over 4 to 5 days. This is not a 'test-out' or pass / fail situation, but a 'verification' of the participant's 'readiness' to become 'CTRTC' (already ascertained in the Advanced Practicum). During the course of the week, each participant is involved in demonstration, self-evaluation and feedback from his / her peers and instructor. Each participant is expected to demonstrate his / her skill in using Reality Therapy to deal with both familiar and unfamiliar role-play scenarios. Each participant is also expected to complete a short (15 to 20 minute) presentation or mini-workshop to the rest of the group members on a topic of their choosing, relating to where they have experienced or observed the Choice Theory / Reality Therapy and / or Lead Management concepts and / or skills in action; be it in their work, their personal life or elsewhere.

At the successful completion of the Certification Week, each participant is awarded a certificate which entitles them to use the designation of 'Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certification' or 'CTRTC'.

Length of Time:

The training consists of at least 150 hours in total, and is not usually completed in less than 18 months. The minimum length of time between a Basic Workshop and an Advanced Workshop, and then again between an Advanced Workshop and the Certification Week, is 6 months.

Qualification / Recognition / Accreditation:

There are no educational prerequisites for attendance at a Basic Intensive Workshop, or for pursuing the whole of the Certification Programme.

Reality Therapy Certification is the recognition by the Institute that a person has completed the certification process and demonstrated knowledge and skill in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. Those completing this are entitled to use the designation of 'Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certification' or 'CTRTC'.


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